Everything the bulk consider granted has roots in the spiritual past and none more so than Christmas. He created Jesus Christ based upon previous avatars, such as Chrishna (Krishna), the Christ of the Vedic Trinity of India. He also renewed Mary, the Mother God of Babylon, as the Mother of God which is an oxymoron.

No Mother

God cannot have a mom because it is the Great Universal Power in control of all things, consisting of how and why faith entered being. It has no sex because it is Spirit and, for that reason, it never ever fathered a child. One can quickly feel its power within and those who comply with the voice, which some call conscience, are led and assisted throughout their lives.

My reincarnation shows that paradise and hell are spiritual misconceptions developed to trick just as do celebrations like Christmas. They trap people into a system of make-believe and scams and numb the brain to think beyond fun and satisfaction. But what is enjoyable about the hours of shopping, cooking, cleansing, etc. that goes on before the couple of hours of fun happen?

What is fun about the debt many sustain as they invest a small fortune on presents in the hope of pleasing others?

Sun Star

Mary is the name offered to the sun-star that appears when the rays travel through an aperture or small hole and type into the rainbow colored constantly moving rings of light. They pulse as they spin and the sight is incredible. This is what the ancients called their god and it was female.


A city was called after her and the residues are 11 km northwest of Abu Kabul in Syria. It was developed by the Amors who also constructed Roma, the reverse which is Amor. They took Mary with them into all the corners of the world through the religious beliefs that Constantine developed. He developed the Vatican and the parliament that assisted him rule the Empire.

It is the latter that has actually changed old celebrations into new ones by providing a different name. Mary and her Christ Mass ended up being Merry Christmas. It is based upon a lie and the man who raised Mary to her present status and he is noted in Revelation 13:18 as 666. He ruled by violence and anybody who did not praise the image he installed was tortured and killed.

God made those who are not of the Spirit deaf and blind so they can not hear or see truth. That means they sink into the quagmire of celebrations like the Christ Mass and will never ever know the fact.