Learning is an exceptionally human procedure, one finest achieved through client, qualitative extracting, instead of a mechanistic, quantitative filling.

Although the school will make every effort constantly to offer instructors and trainees with the very best possible tools and resources in regards to texts and an incorporated curriculum, it will be the apparent love which the instructor has for the subject, his proficiency of it, and his skill in interacting that understanding and love, which will stimulate a fire in the kids, cultivating in them a long-lasting love of knowing.


MedjugorjeBzis a personal Catholic school for hundreds of students. Our high school includes around 80 trainees, consisting of almost 50 boarding high school trainees from around the nation. These boarding trainees, along with our regional trainees from throughout the area of Central New York, originated from households thinking about providing their kids a Traditional-Catholic education. There are 4 priests and one nun on the mentor personnel, in addition to almost 25 lay instructors.


At the basis of the education provided at MedjugorjeBzis the concept that human factor can find and comprehend an order outside itself, the order produced by God. Trainees get an extensive and integrated view of this truth through the natural unity of all topics. They discover how to believe in an organized style, and to speak and compose as plainly as they believe, and eventually to evaluate with knowledge and vigilance.

At Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of God Academy, trainees gain from the saints, ancients, and nonreligious masters through literature, history, viewpoint, mathematics, science, and religious beliefs. By opening to them the treasury of human understanding, instructors aim to motivate trainees with an ardent love of fact and a progressively clear vision of their last end. By teaching them to believe not just seriously however classically, and to incorporate that fact into their own actions, an MedjugorjeBz education prepares trainees both to deal with the concrete conditions on the planet, and to welcome supernatural along with natural joy.