Zoro Aster

The early morning star was the topic of the very first official faith of Babylon and called ‘Zoro Aster’. Its signs consist of the spinning cross or swastika along with the right-angled cross and the five-point star of Islam. These are all spiritual signs because the religious beliefs of the world were born of them. To understand that needs a check out the origin of the image and how its power has actually run the world from that time.

The Last Days

Following my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit of deep space, the only God, it commissioned me to remove the barrier of deceit and confusion and generate the harvest. We remain in the last days and what is coming will change the earth totally. Vision after vision exposed all and it was to Babylon that the responses formed to show the plan of God.

That is another point of confusion when people ask why does God permit discomfort and suffering and why is the earth in such alarming straits? The plan of God included a group called the kids of Israel, who were seeded with Spirit at the start of the day of the lord, a period of approximately 4,000 years. They were then sent out into the world to be checked for their commitment to the spirit and the voice within.


As the incorrect gods of faiths were positioned before them and they chose not to praise in accordance with the order of the king they suffered. They were tortured, some bore incredible discomfort, and after that they passed away. Over and once again they lived and passed away up until lastly excellence is found in them (Job 5:19 -21).

The trap was set because now the science has actually shown that faiths based upon sun-worship are incorrect. The wall of deceptiveness is broken and both Jesus Christ and the sun-star are seen for what they are; innovations of men and the source of male supremacy.