Holy Mary Mother of God

For centuries Christians have always contemplated secrets related to Mary, the mother of Jesus: holy Mary, mother of God. Many people have come to know her through the pages of the Bible, but many others have actually familiarized her outdoors these pages. Throughout the last 2000 long years of civilization, for instance, Mary is stated to have actually reacted to the countless prayers to her Son, prayers that have actually been addressed through her intercession. She has even, on celebrations, beautified us with her real existence here in the world.


Roman Catholics are frequently wrongly implicated of worshipping the Holy Mary, providing her God-like status. Contact with her is made through the similarity the Rosary – a Roman Catholic devotional product, icons and other images while invoking her name.

The Rosary, for instance, is a string of beads organized in 5 sets of 10 beads, with each set used to contemplate occasions in the life of Christ and his mother while hoping. Such is the commitment used by Rosary users on events that non-Catholics implicate them of worshipping Mary.

The Success of Mary

The Council of Ephesus in 431 held that Mary was the mother of God, Theotokos, and as such deserves terrific respect. Catholics, then, honor Mary in their unique way, typically using her to moderate with God or her boy on their behalf. The custom of 2000 years, the recorded amazing events or responses to countless prayers over the centuries, all vouch for the success of using holy Mary, mother of God as a conciliator in between God and man.


Apparitions of Mary are declared to have actually taken place over 2000 years. The proof of many trusted witnesses to specific of these occasions can not be marked down. In 1917 in Fatima, Portugal, for instance, some 70,000 people experienced abnormal ‘dancing’ of the sun following month-to-month looks of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Once again, in 1981 children in Medjugorje, Bosnia declared everyday apparitions of Mary. More than 25 years later on these exact same visionaries are stated to be still getting visitations – a practically unusual consistency in Church history.

The occasions in Medjugorje have actually brought in countless pilgrims to that small town, eclipsed by a big concrete cross on a neighboring hill that was set up by the villagers in 1933 to commemorate 2000 years since the Redemption of Christ. Visitors here can not but be impressed with the dedication of the villagers to the service of God. They react to demands from Mary to hope, quickly and make reparation for sins. The entire environment is among peace and serenity.


Commercialism is a truth of life in many traveler locations nowadays, and in Medjugorje it is no different. Shops are equipped with spiritual products: Rosary beads, Italian manufactured art and statues, numerous other spiritual things. But the visitor can see beyond this commercialism and witness authentic commitment to Mary, with top place being offered to her child, Jesus.

Life here, one can envision, resembles entering the pages of the Bible throughout the life time of Jesus. The author understands of no other put on earth where you can head out and leave your home opened without worry of robbery. Here you feel safe and safe and secure when you perform all your everyday activities.

In this 21st century, then, God is still alive and still being experienced in Medjugorje by Catholics, Protestants, and all men, ladies and kids of many religious beliefs. All these people are being reminded the Creator by the biggest female in the history of humanity: holy Mary, mother of God.

Infographic by: catholicextension.org