Holy Mary Mother of God

Holy Mary Mother of God

For centuries Christians have always contemplated secrets related to Mary, the mother of Jesus: holy Mary, mother of God. Many people have come to know her through the pages of the Bible, but many others have actually familiarized her outdoors these pages. Throughout the last 2000 long years of civilization, for instance, Mary is stated to have actually reacted to the countless prayers to her Son, prayers that have actually been addressed through her intercession. She has even, on celebrations, beautified us with her real existence here in the world.


Roman Catholics are frequently wrongly implicated of worshipping the Holy Mary, providing her God-like status. Contact with her is made through the similarity the Rosary – a Roman Catholic devotional product, icons and other images while invoking her name.

The Rosary, for instance, is a string of beads organized in 5 sets of 10 beads, with each set used to contemplate occasions in the life of Christ and his mother while hoping. Such is the commitment used by Rosary users on events that non-Catholics implicate them of worshipping Mary.

The Success of Mary

The Council of Ephesus in 431 held that Mary was the mother of God, Theotokos, and as such deserves terrific respect. Catholics, then, honor Mary in their unique way, typically using her to moderate with God or her boy on their behalf. The custom of 2000 years, the recorded amazing events or responses to countless prayers over the centuries, all vouch for the success of using holy Mary, mother of God as a conciliator in between God and man.


Apparitions of Mary are declared to have actually taken place over 2000 years. The proof of many trusted witnesses to specific of these occasions can not be marked down. In 1917 in Fatima, Portugal, for instance, some 70,000 people experienced abnormal ‘dancing’ of the sun following month-to-month looks of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Once again, in 1981 children in Medjugorje, Bosnia declared everyday apparitions of Mary. More than 25 years later on these exact same visionaries are stated to be still getting visitations – a practically unusual consistency in Church history.

The occasions in Medjugorje have actually brought in countless pilgrims to that small town, eclipsed by a big concrete cross on a neighboring hill that was set up by the villagers in 1933 to commemorate 2000 years since the Redemption of Christ. Visitors here can not but be impressed with the dedication of the villagers to the service of God. They react to demands from Mary to hope, quickly and make reparation for sins. The entire environment is among peace and serenity.


Commercialism is a truth of life in many traveler locations nowadays, and in Medjugorje it is no different. Shops are equipped with spiritual products: Rosary beads, Italian manufactured art and statues, numerous other spiritual things. But the visitor can see beyond this commercialism and witness authentic commitment to Mary, with top place being offered to her child, Jesus.

Life here, one can envision, resembles entering the pages of the Bible throughout the life time of Jesus. The author understands of no other put on earth where you can head out and leave your home opened without worry of robbery. Here you feel safe and safe and secure when you perform all your everyday activities.

In this 21st century, then, God is still alive and still being experienced in Medjugorje by Catholics, Protestants, and all men, ladies and kids of many religious beliefs. All these people are being reminded the Creator by the biggest female in the history of humanity: holy Mary, mother of God.

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The Morning Star and Jesus Christ

Zoro Aster

The early morning star was the topic of the very first official faith of Babylon and called ‘Zoro Aster’. Its signs consist of the spinning cross or swastika along with the right-angled cross and the five-point star of Islam. These are all spiritual signs because the religious beliefs of the world were born of them. To understand that needs a check out the origin of the image and how its power has actually run the world from that time.

The Last Days

Following my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit of deep space, the only God, it commissioned me to remove the barrier of deceit and confusion and generate the harvest. We remain in the last days and what is coming will change the earth totally. Vision after vision exposed all and it was to Babylon that the responses formed to show the plan of God.

That is another point of confusion when people ask why does God permit discomfort and suffering and why is the earth in such alarming straits? The plan of God included a group called the kids of Israel, who were seeded with Spirit at the start of the day of the lord, a period of approximately 4,000 years. They were then sent out into the world to be checked for their commitment to the spirit and the voice within.


As the incorrect gods of faiths were positioned before them and they chose not to praise in accordance with the order of the king they suffered. They were tortured, some bore incredible discomfort, and after that they passed away. Over and once again they lived and passed away up until lastly excellence is found in them (Job 5:19 -21).

The trap was set because now the science has actually shown that faiths based upon sun-worship are incorrect. The wall of deceptiveness is broken and both Jesus Christ and the sun-star are seen for what they are; innovations of men and the source of male supremacy.

Mary and The Christ Mass


Everything the bulk consider granted has roots in the spiritual past and none more so than Christmas. He created Jesus Christ based upon previous avatars, such as Chrishna (Krishna), the Christ of the Vedic Trinity of India. He also renewed Mary, the Mother God of Babylon, as the Mother of God which is an oxymoron.

No Mother

God cannot have a mom because it is the Great Universal Power in control of all things, consisting of how and why faith entered being. It has no sex because it is Spirit and, for that reason, it never ever fathered a child. One can quickly feel its power within and those who comply with the voice, which some call conscience, are led and assisted throughout their lives.

My reincarnation shows that paradise and hell are spiritual misconceptions developed to trick just as do celebrations like Christmas. They trap people into a system of make-believe and scams and numb the brain to think beyond fun and satisfaction. But what is enjoyable about the hours of shopping, cooking, cleansing, etc. that goes on before the couple of hours of fun happen?

What is fun about the debt many sustain as they invest a small fortune on presents in the hope of pleasing others?

Sun Star

Mary is the name offered to the sun-star that appears when the rays travel through an aperture or small hole and type into the rainbow colored constantly moving rings of light. They pulse as they spin and the sight is incredible. This is what the ancients called their god and it was female.


A city was called after her and the residues are 11 km northwest of Abu Kabul in Syria. It was developed by the Amors who also constructed Roma, the reverse which is Amor. They took Mary with them into all the corners of the world through the religious beliefs that Constantine developed. He developed the Vatican and the parliament that assisted him rule the Empire.

It is the latter that has actually changed old celebrations into new ones by providing a different name. Mary and her Christ Mass ended up being Merry Christmas. It is based upon a lie and the man who raised Mary to her present status and he is noted in Revelation 13:18 as 666. He ruled by violence and anybody who did not praise the image he installed was tortured and killed.

God made those who are not of the Spirit deaf and blind so they can not hear or see truth. That means they sink into the quagmire of celebrations like the Christ Mass and will never ever know the fact.

God’s Existence – Our Lady of Medjugorje & Fatima

Quite a number of people around the world question the presence of God due to the fact that we have no solid and touchable evidence of his/her presence. It is this absence of faith that can drive a person’s conscience or ethical compass off course.


Medjugorje is a town situated in western Herzegovina, found in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The village has approximately over four thousand people. Whenever people hear the word Medjugorje, most would instantly recall three very iconic words, which are Blessed Virgin Mary, which has also made an appearance in the past in Milan. It is this town that has actually touched the hearts of many and will continue to do so in the future.

The Message

The world changed on June 24, 1981. 6 people from this small town started getting messages from the Virgin Mary. Their names are Ivan, Jakov, Marija, Mirjana, Vicka, and Ivanka. Messages are to be provided to each of the 6 people regular monthly up until each of them got an overall of “10 secrets”.

10 Secrets

These 10 secrets are happenings that will take place on the earth in the future. Everyone speaks to Mary at different times throughout the year till all them get their 10 secrets. You can read her messages to us by click on this link. Now I know a few of you are most likely believing in your minds, what a scam, right? Check out the next paragraph.

The world’s best researchers examined the visionaries and they have no sensible description to think that this is a scam. So science cannot discuss it, what other factors do you need to not think? Oh, most likely because you have no idea whether the apparitions are those of the Mother Virgin Mary herself, right?

Mary’s Appearance

Well, I informed you about Mary’s apparitions in Medjugorje, but I did not describe about the Virgin Mary’s looks in Fatima. That’s right, a different place and period of Mary’s communication with us. Our Lady of Fatima, according to Wikipedia.org, is “the title offered to the Blessed Virgin Mary by those who think she appeared to 3 shepherd kids at Fatima, Portugal on the 13th day of 6 successive months in 1917, starting on May 13, the Fatima vacation”.

The Other 3 secrets

Unlike the 10 secrets offered by her in Medjugorje, Mary offered 3 secrets out to the 3 kids. You can take a look at these secrets completely by going to websites like Wikipedia, goodnewspirit.com, and Maryisgod.org.

The reason I noted 3 websites was to show that this is not merely an over night scam and even a scam at all. If you key in “The 3 secrets of Fatima” in Google, you will have most likely over 600,000 search engine result. Obviously this is nothing compared to searching for a luxury car rental or how to get a Ferrari rental in Milan.

I advise that you do check out all the links that I provide to you on this page, but I will provide a brief summary of what the 3 secrets were: 1) Vision of Hell 2) A declaration that World War I would end and the fore coming of World War II must God be upset and if Russia does not transform 3) The 3rd trick is a little bit more intricate, but it practically appears to state that there will be an assassination plot of the Pope and the death of a variety of Christian martyrs, seemingly on Vatican premises.

If you can put all of it together, all the following 3 occasions did take place.

Did Mary Actually Know Jesus Was God?


Dream back in time and you are Mary and all of a sudden an intense light comes down upon your space and the divine figure of an angel enters focus and know without a doubt that something incredible will happen. ‘Rejoice loaded with grace the Lord is with you.’ Were the words that Gabriel stated to her.


The gospel of Luke covers this situation in higher focus than any of the other primary 3 authors particularly Matthew, Mark and John. Why this is so we have no other way of knowing, because one might understand, the statement that the words of God, which have actually been composed for centuries, will lastly be coming to life.

The Jews have actually been enthralled through the centuries by the words of Abraham all the way through to Moses but when he got here Jesus needed to show himself.


When Mary heard Gabriel speak, she never questioned the reality of his message, which considering her youth and simplicity, speaks volumes of her faith. Can you picture Gabriel or any incredible entity showing up in your bed room and talking with you like the arrival of any good friend other than this good friend is a divine agent of God?

Gabriel goes on to say to her not to be scared because she has actually found favor with God and quickly she will bear a boy and call him Jesus. If you open your Bible, to the very first chapter of Luke, you might check out all the words and for me anyhow they represent the outright faith that Mary had.

Angel’s Message

6 months previously, an angel of the Lord, suggesting to him that his spouse Elizabeth was going to bear a child, and would be called John, went to Zechariah. Now Zechariah was a priest of high value yet his faith failed him, he questioned the words of the angel.

As an outcome of his rest, he lost his voice and would not restore it till he concurred that his infant at birth would be called John. Instantly on discussing this reality, his voice returned, and recites a canticle honoring the credibility of God’s favor for his people Israel.

Mary’s Faith

Now compare his faith to Mary’s and evaluate her innocence, which was ever so trusting and without a shadow of doubt accepted the words of Gabriel. Not only that but the angel also ensured her that her cousin Elizabeth was also pregnant with child and would be anticipating soon. Both Elizabeth and Mary revealed remarkable clearness of trust and faith with the delight they revealed at the news of their pregnancy.

Now this is not an age of telecoms and even advanced capability for telepathy yet Mary enjoyed her present, went to visit her cousin, and invested some months with her. As quickly as she goes into the home of her cousin, Elizabeth feels motion with her child and blesses Mary appropriately. This example shows that a person does not need to be a minister of the cloth in order to have an amazing capability of rely on God, therefore continue your trek.


Even Elizabeth in her trusting faith referred to as well that Mary was blessed to be the mom of her lord. ‘Blessed are you who thought that the Lord’s word would come to life.’ Mary goes on then to recite what is now known as prophesy of what is to be satisfied and to this day Christians the world over recite her Magnificat.

To question readies but as we can not see Mary in her space 2 thousand years back, we might gain from her that outright faith is our instrument to brightening our informed life. Faith is the need to make every effort and if it is enhanced with rely on God then we too might gain benefits, rather considerable truly, and terrific which will assist us through whatever occurs. God bless!

Marian Apparitions in Medjugorje


A Marian apparition is a supposed amazing appearance of Mary in the world. “Throughout the ages, there have actually been so-called ‘personal’ discoveries, a few of which have actually been acknowledged by the authority of the Church. They do not belong, nevertheless, to the deposit of faith. It is not their function to enhance or finish Christ’s conclusive Revelation, however to assist live more totally by it in a particular duration of history.


Until just recently these Marian apparitions have actually come from a time past. The popular apparitions at Lourdes, for instance, took place over 100 years back. Occasions that occurred so long ago can be doubtful to many individuals and they have the tendency to make people do not have a specific belief in all that has actually apparently been exposed.


In June 1981 a number of visionaries reported Marian apparitions in today day. The Blessed Virgin Mary, they asserted, was visiting them every day, providing messages that were to be passed onto the world. These messages are from Heaven, it is reported, with the goal of re-educating us and getting us to re-center our lives on God.

The everyday apparitions take place in a small town called Medjugorje in Bosnia. When you think about that the apparitions have actually been taking place there for almost 30 years now, you can question if any proof of scams has actually been upcoming throughout the years.

Clinical Tests

The visionaries have actually gone through different clinical tests throughout their apparitions, nevertheless, and until now have actually pleased the clinical neighborhood that appears authentic. It’s difficult to say that the visionaries are experiencing Heavenly encounters, naturally, but clinical tests however show that something uncommon, to say the least, is occurring.

All Make Believe?

It is fascinating to keep in mind that when the Marian apparitions started in 1981 the visionaries were simple kids, unschooled as far as the Blessed Virgin Mary’s reported symptoms in our world are concerned. Also, there was adequate chance in the beginning to trap the kids into confessing that it was all make-believe.

Some 30 years later on, nevertheless, it is still difficult to get them to change their stories and to find proof of shock, so Medjugorje continues impacting many lives.

Catholic and Other Denominations

Anything to do with the Blessed Virgin Mary is normally related to the Catholic neighborhood. The are approximately 30 million people who have gone to Medjugorje since 1981, but there has been a mix of other denominations. Such, then, is the motivation to followers in all religious beliefs that want to be related to Medjugorje and the messages of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The length of time will the apparitions continue? Nobody understands, but we are informed that when the events stop, 3 cautions will be proclaimed around the world, ten days before each cautioning the world will be recommended that a caution will occur. This, then, will verify the apparitions and act as a reward for the world to transform from sin.

In addition, a noticeable and unbreakable sign will be viewable at the website of the apparitions in Medjugorje. The sign is for those that do not think in the apparitions and it will help them think in God’s presence.

For those looking for God or desiring proof of his presence, go to Medjugorje where the Marian apparitions are taking place day-to-day or gain access to the month-to-month Medjugorje Message online regularly.

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